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¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ô¡ô¡¡CABLE ACCESSORIES¡¡¡ô¡ô

High voltage crosslink polyethylene insulation accessories for electrical cables are the key parts of power lines. In order to catch the world¡¯s electrical development , we utilized the merits of existing accessoriesin the world together with up-to-date material and processing, we developed advanced accessories.

Characteristic of the products:
¡óThe serial products of cable enclosure of silicon rubber adopt the patented technology of the original creation of our company to make, There is no parting line which Solve the problems form former product structure like vertical clamping slot easy to pile up , absorb the dust , impurity to sew place when operating for a long time completely, Cause vertical clamping slot to place machinery , electric good performance, Especially in moist state or rainy day, It is easy to form conductive passway of running through etc. along products for vertical clamping slot , Lead to the fact products is it hold in place with a net to flash , influence cable safety factor , circuit of normal running;
he series of products all adopt the advanced finite element computational analysis software in the world to carry on the optimization design of the structure , parameter, make products inside , outside insulating axle , radial intensity of field reach ideal distribute the state, performance is reliable ;

¡óSilicone rubber prefabricate terminal including one-off plastic model, all the skirts have not portrait slot, the insulated surface of the terminal covered with skirts; The pre-distend compound structure ensure the security of transportation and portage, facility for installation immediately. The insulated pipe of bottom ensure the effect of airproof and facility for connection of the screen cable and aegis utensil

Dry type GIS terminal is characterized by compact, light and reliable. It can connect with combine switch and transformer in erection decumbence or declining installation. The product can meet the technique standard of IEC859-1999.¡¡¡¡

¡óPrefabricate tie and terminal insulation are made of flexibility de-avulsion high tension and temperature silicone rubber, the craftwork of the product is stable and the inspection is simple and reliable.

Merits of all-prefabricated dry terminals

The advantage of the series of prefabricate and dry type terminal ,Ensure longtime run in the condition of dirtiness for the insulated surface of the product has not portrait slot.

¡¤ Without any leakage of oil or gas , there is no pollution to the environment;
¡¤ Will not burn in a situation of inside or the outside flash
¡¤ Weight is relatively light, easy to carry and transport
¡¤ Fine anti-blast characteristic, ensure the security of the personnel and equipment around
¡¤ Extremely good anti-earthquake characte¡¤ The products can be installed and used at any angle
¡¤ It is not so easy to be damaged in the course of transporting and installing
¡¤ the partial discharging value is less than 1pC under 1.5U0
¡¤ Install simple and convenient , rapidly , cable shielding layer flexible , direct to connect place type or insulating earth optional
¡¤ The good one resist the aging characteristic, have very good steady dredging the swimming skill even if under the abominable climate and high electric field¡¡

¡¤ The raw materials /LSR is imported with good ultraviolet-resistance
¡¤ Compared with insulating terminal station of porcelain, short delivery time with composite insulator

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