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””Fuse cutout
””Cutout composite insulator
””Pillar insulator
””Cross arm
”””””””””””””””””””””””””””ö”ö””COMPOSITE INSULATOR”””ö”ö

Our company forms a complete set and produces the complex insulator of different type and specification for more than 100 domestic and international high-voltage switch manufacturers. The company can also technologically cooperate with high-voltage switch manufacturers besides offering the complex insulator that has already had the variety specification, design and produce the complex insulator of different type specification; we made great efforts to meet different designs of the high-voltage switch manufacturer's needs and quality requirement.

”öType of the products:
Fuse cut0out, composite insulator, composite insulating pulling rod, silicon rubber cover, cushion, complex sleeve pipe, wall bushing, composite hollow insulator.

”öCharacteristic & properties of product:
With high-quality core, we design the ideal foot-path according to insulator all kinds of strength situation rationally by the size of strength, adopt advanced suppress multilaterally and suppress technology coaxial lying. Guarantee all kinds of insulator have enough mechanical intensity, meet its demand receiving strength in using.
With qualified HTV silicone compound and advanced injection molding processing, good design for the creep distance, the insulator we produced is characterized with fine internal and external insulating ability .
The silicon rubber umbrella is designed with excellent water repellency property, it can improve the insulating ability and weather resistance of the outdoor electric apparatus.
with different colors, it is more compact and easy for the identification.


We can produce various composite insulators from 12KV to 158KV applied for transformer substation, electrified railway, power line as well.

”öType of the products:

suspension insulator, cross arminsulator , pin type insulator , pillar insulator, surge arrester etc..

”öCharacteristic of properties of product:

The insulation layer is made of HTV silicone rubber through injection molding processing method.

The excellent and metal enclosure of core connects and adopts machinery to pigeonhole connecting type technology

The End fitting is sealed via silicone rubber through injection molding processing method.

The metal enclosure surface adopts the advanced hot zinc-plated craft to antirust antiseptically

The steady reliable, safe abundant degree of mechanical performance is big

Interior insulating ability is excellent

The insulating umbrella design outside is rational, improve the wet lightning to press effectively

Excellent water detesting, endurable to dirty


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