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¡¡Epoxy resin

¡¡Epoxy resin casting and APG process products series¡¡¡ñ¡ñ

¡¡Epoxy casting products have been applying for the GIS/GCB high voltage and super high ¡¡voltage electrical products with its fine and comprehensive property.

¡¡The company adopt the material of overseas Epoxy resin¡¢hardener and the good quality ¡¡filler in production with the advanced production technology system.All the technical process ¡¡including vacuum¡¢heating¡¢measuring¡¢mixing¡¢pouring¡¢to the molding solidification are ¡¡auto controlled by the programmable PLC. Our products have been receiving a good ¡¡acceptance by the home and overseas clients for its excellent property¡¢competitive price ¡¡and perfect service.

¡¡¡ñProduct performance£º

  • Fine electric property£¬the value of partial discharge testing is less than 3pC.
  • Excellent mechanical property.
  • With good corrosion resistance to SF6 gas and other chemical article.
  • With good ultraviolet-resistance.


  • Basin type insulator¡¢insulating canister¡¢sealing terminal¡¢rod¡¢flange etc of 110~500kV GIS
  • Oil box and its cover of transformer embed to earth.
  • Epoxy bushing of high voltage cable GIS terminations.
  • Epoxy ending tube of out-door silicone rubber cable terminations.
  • Epoxy APG process series of 10~35kV electrical products.
¡¡Tailor made is possible to meet various specification and special purpose.


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